Sunday, February 28, 2010


song of the day
challengers by the new pornographers
been listening to a lot of neko case as of late. her stuff with the new pornographers is more indie pop but it is definitely some of her best. The second verse of this song kind of hit me today:

On the walls of the day
In the shade of the sun
We wrote down
Another vision of us
We were the challengers of
The unknown
"Be safe" you say
Whatever the mess you are you mind okay
That is the custom
On down

Saturday, February 27, 2010

i'm fractured from the fall

song of the day
two by ryan adams
one of my favorite ryan songs lately. this version is super emotional it just pulls at me and neal casal gets way into it. life has been a roller coaster lately and ryan adams has been helping me through a lot of it.

i've been laughing at this the last 2 days thanks to my friend jenni

took the night off from school going to be a crazy next few weeks just need to get to spring break.
oral arguments are coming up public speaking is one of those things that scares me pretty bad. this sums up my feelings about public speaking nicely:
"it is better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you are stupid than to open it and remove all doubt"' better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you're stupid than to open it and remove

Friday, February 26, 2010

to appease the masses

song of the day
shy that way by tristan prettyman featuring jason mraz
tristan prettyman is talented she is hot and i saw her open for g. love last year. for the record i do not like jason mraz. this is to appease a certain girl who claims i only listen to wounded artist whiny music. i do like this song and it is worth a listen.

funniest video on youtube no question

"when it comes down to it what are the lakers going to say?"

this week in property we talked about how easy it would be to forge a deed and take out a huge mortgage on a forged deed and disappear. this is a scary thought but it kind of created a desire in me to figure out how to forge deeds and disappear. i mean i wont but it got me thinking. just saying.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

song of the day
memory lane by ryan adams and the cardinals
this song is on the UK version of cardinology so im bummed i do not have an mp3 version yet but it is one of my favorite ryan adams songs lately. i feel like i go on and on about ryan adams but the guy just blows my mind. this song doesnt really invoke feelings of nostalgia for me i just think its a great song.

caron butler got asked by the nba to stop chewing straws during games he has done it his whole career but recently people started noticing. people are really upset the nba put the nix on this but i can see how it would be a huge safety concern. kind of an interesting debate since he has done it his whole career with no incidents.

"on the other hand, you have different fingers"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


song of the day
jacksonville skyline by whiskeytown
a friend and i were talking about whiskeytown today and so i listened to them for most of the day and this song is freaking amazing. i could probably pick a ryan adams song every day cause i am always listening to something by him.

i do not like ani difranco i probably never will and she will never be a song of the day but i need to do a better job with being positive and sucking it up i remembered this quote of hers today.

"Maybe you don't like your job, maybe you didn't get enough sleep, well nobody likes their job, nobody got enough sleep. Maybe you just had the worst day of your life, but you know, there's no escape, there's no excuse, so just suck up and be nice"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


song of the day
take it back by swollen members
i am missing the swollen show in salt lake tonight. these guys put on a ridiculous show and bring it hard on every track. one swollen members show i went to was probably the craziest night of my life. these guys are insane but their music take me back to when all i would listen to is underground hip hop.

i think i need to do a better job of listening to understand. often times when someone is telling me something i am super quick to jump in with one of my experiences or something i am dealing with so i am going to try and listen to understand more.

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. They're either speaking or preparing to speak. They're filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their autobiography into other people's lives."

kevin durant is the real deal they thunder have won 10 straight and beat the jazz twice this year and he scores like a million points every game. the blazers have got to be kicking themselves for picking oden over him. kd should get more mvp talk he has taken the worst team from last year and turned them into a scary playoff match up. his new nickname is the durantula which i think is awesome

Monday, February 22, 2010

whose idea was law school?

song of the day
sentimental heart by she & him
m ward and zooey deschanel nothing more needs to be said.

this is a ryan adams quote that i really like an have been thinking about today:
So I guess what I am saying here right now is, it feels good to be true to what I am. It feels right to be a lot and sometimes a mess and sometimes a good listener and sometimes bat-shit crazy. It is the nature of being me. And also, after all this time, no matter what the perception, I always know I am the very basic thing I always wanted to be;
have a nice week.

i think it is important to be true to what you are

Sunday, February 21, 2010


song of the day
lua by bright eyes (this is the conor oberst gillian welch version from the compilation cd dark was the night amazing vocals)
i think this song is about drugs and eating disorders and self destruction and other happy things. i listen to a lot of bright eyes when i am depressed and today was just one of those days where im not feeling great about things and alone.
i like the lines "when everything is lonely i can be my own best friend" and "we might die from medication but we sure killed all the pain"

read this today probably not something i would want to be on the record. lindsey vonn us skier taking stabs at tiger woods

"We're all a little broken. We're all a little twisted. We're all less than we could be or want to be."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

help im alive

song of the day
help i'm alive by metric
few reasons for this songs 1. i love metric 2. emily haines is a bad ass 3. this song sums up a lot of my feelings right now. life is scary and there is a lot of uncertainty involved in it. just had one of those moments today like shoot im alive and i dont really know what i am doing. i watched an interview with emily haines about this song and how she went to beunos aires to write the new album. i have always wanted to go to argentina but now i really want to go. maybe after law school ill get one of my spanish speaking friends to go with me.

trying to understand liquidated damages clauses and penalty clauses. nightmare. already had a headache just compounded it. i keep thinking one of these days things in contract are going to come together but im having a lot of doubts as the end of april approaches.

"I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it."

Friday, February 19, 2010


song of the day
samson by regina spektor
i have a confession to make there are probably only 2 or 3 songs that could make me cry this is one of them. i dont know why it just does. i have liked this song for a very long time. i have not listened to her newest cd i think my "indie" self wont let me cause shes trendy now or whatever but i think ill get it this week and give it a try cause she is super talented.

i have had terrible experiences with laundry detergent lately. i accidently left a bottle in my car and since it is the freaking north pole in nebraska it froze and when it thawed out it had separated. so i went and bought a new bottle and of course i drop it and it explodes everywhere. so i had to go get another one so far so good on this one but wouldnt be surprised if it blows up or got recalled.

im still bitter about ronnie brewer d will is not happy about it this could turn out to be a huge huge mess
lebron had 43 15 and 13 last night that is the most ridiculous line i have ever seen it will be interesting to see where he ends up this summer it might be talked about more than brett favre has been the past few summers
still sick bad sinus infection one more day of being sick i might explode but its only gotten worse

Thursday, February 18, 2010

zebras running wild what?

song of the day:
apology song by the decemberists
this song is just awesome! if i lost my friends bike what a better way to tell them sorry then to write an amazing song about it. i love the decemberists colin meloy's voice has just always done it for me and they have been one of my favorite bands for a few years. their latest cd (hazards of love) is great but id suggest listening to it all the way through in one sit down it tells a story from start to finish and is great. hazards of love has had me thinking a lot about relationships and love in general and the expectations commitments and let downs involved with love.

sweet story: some zebra escaped the circus in atlanta stopped traffic for a while
i think if i were a caged animal id want to escape too heck i want to escape and i can leave whenever i want but what can you do

i wish i was more creative, i wish i had more time to listen to music, i wish i was musically talented, i wish i could paint well, but most of all i wish the jazz didnt trade ronnie b today well not really most of all but such a bummer i hope he does well for the grizzlies he really was so legit and kept improving every year oh well hopefully korver and matthews step up

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


song of the day
anonanimal by andrew bird
andrew bird is one of my favorite artists his music provides great study music. ive seen him twice in concert and both times were amazing. he is super talented and arguably one of the best whistlers ever! this song is one of my favorites of his.

law school stress bomb hit today. just seems like there is 4.5 million things to do and about 3 minutes to do all of it. this video sums up law school exactly.

on a lighter note pitchers and catchers reported to camp today which means baseball is right around the corner.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


song of the day
skeletons by the yeah yeah yeahs
it was tough to come up with just one song today listened to a lot of music. this song has been in my rotation for a few months. the yeah yeah yeahs are usually not my favorite and karen o's vocals are usually rough but her voice on this song is amazing. a lot of people think karen o is attractive but she doesnt really do it for me. i cant get into the where the wild things are soundtrack that she did but the new yeah yeah yeahs cd its blitz is pretty freaking amazing.

lots of things going on in my head today but i think ill spend the night sorting things out. been talking to a lot of people in salt lake lately makes me miss home but it has been good to hear from them. havent been able to go to the gym for a few days cause im still sick but hopefully by the end of the week i will get back into the swing of things.

this sums up how i often feel about tests: "Instead of studying for finals, what about just going to the Bahamas and catching some rays? Maybe you'll flunk, but you might have flunked anyway; that's my point."

Monday, February 15, 2010

electric feel

song of the day
electric feel by MGMT
this song makes me want to drop out of school and get into drugs for some reason. this group is great and just puts out a good vibe. new cd sometime this year should be great. im still waiting for a girl that "shocks me like an electric eel"

i have been ridiculously sick the past few days so i took myself to the doctor to see what was going on. the doctor told me that he wanted to give me mono but the tests say that i dont have mono. just a very strange interaction. going to the doctor is still up there on the list of things i hate the most.

champions league round of 16 tomorrow i'd like to see manchester united win it all but realistically i think barcelona will repeat especially with the addition of ibrahimovic

Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentines day

song of the day
love is hell by ryan adams
this song captures the bitterness i feel right now towards a lot of things. also fitting for my valentines day. ryan adams does a great job of expressing a lot of emotions i feel and always provides a pick me up. the whole love is hell album is great and includes a wonderwall cover which is a million times better than the original. ryan adams is amazing.

this week should be nice lots of classes cancelled so hopefully i can catch up on sleep and regroup for the brutal next couple of months before finals.

watched s darko last night. donnie darko is arguably my favorite movie so i have been hesitant to watch it. s darko was decent. thought provoking about how our decisions impact our futures and the futures of others. the movie got terrible ratings but i thought it was bearable. new celebrity crush briana evigan she is gorgeous.

im thankful for the good friends i have made in nebraska they have been one of the few bright spots in a difficult experience.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

thinking about investing into lots of fake hair pieces
song of the day
daniel by bat for lashes
this song has been playing constantly on my i pod for the last 3 months. simply beautiful. one of those songs that invokes an out of this world experience for me.

i am sick and have sat in bed most of the day i havent been able to find my tv remote for a few days. havent looked very hard but i wish i had it

watched nick and norahs infinite playlist last night good movie great music

i am borrowing this from my friend tom grover who is lds and a law student
i think this sums up my views nicely on gay marriage and other constitutional issues

"Of all people, attorneys have a moral obligation to stand up for the
marginalized, the persecuted, and the downtrodden- espcially those who
are victims of Mobocracy. Our ancestors were victims of Mobocracy. It dishonors their Legacy for us to not only participate in, but lead the Mobocracy against homosexuals."

Friday, February 12, 2010

bad dreams

song of the day
bad dreams by damien jurado
i have been having weird dreams lately mostly about law school and anxieties associated with it. damien jurado is one of my all time favorite song writers. he tells a great story and voice just kind of cuts you. when im not feeling great about things sometimes sad music can ease the pain a little. i saw damien jurado at velour in provo there was only about 30 people there super intimate and arguably the best show i have ever been to.

so kind of a weird situation but nothing major happened. today in torts we talked about how there is no legal duty to rescue someone. so of course i am at the gym tonight no one else is there and this old man came in about 20 minutes into my workout. he began walking/ kind of jogging on the treadmill next to me and i could tell after a little bit he was having a really hard time breathing. so the only thing i can think of is well if this guy has a heart attack im the only other person here and i have no legal duty to help this guy out the. school makes me think of weird things like this all the time. i am positive if something did happen i would come to the aid of this guy. i think it is interesting that society places a lot of faith in peoples morals to act but if someone did not act in a situation like that there would be no legal remedy. i hope that there are very few people out there that would not act in a situation like that.

yeasayer performed on fallon last night these guys are just awesome i hope they are the next big thing

dunk contest prediction: gerald wallace guy is just a freak athlete

Thursday, February 11, 2010


song of the day
revelator by gillian welch
a lot of uncertainty right now and it has been wearing on me although the concept that time reveals all is pretty obvious this song has sort of been a reality check for me sometimes you just need to give things time and everything will be revealed life is a process and things are not going to happen as fast as you want. gillian welch has a great voice and puts a ton of emotion into her work the whole album time the revelator is brilliant been listening to it studying lately ryan adams also has an amazing cover of this song on the destroyer sessions

ive been reading a lot of just terrible things for school lately and been hearing a lot of messed up stories from people family friends etc it is sometimes difficult to stay focussed cause i am just so appalled at people criminal law and torts are guaranteed an awful story every day and contracts is always good for one or two a week we live in a scary world its kind of depressing but all you can do is try to make it a less scary and messed up place i think it is important to try and find beauty in an ugly world. the song bowl of oranges by bright eyes says "but if the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall then i think we would see the beauty then"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

why you'd want to live here

song of the day: Why You'd Want to Live Here Death Cab: yes this song is about Los Angeles but very applicable to my situation midwest winters are awful! the deeper meaning of this song to me is great as well i feel like it is talking about dealing with fake people every day and how you can potentially get caught up and become fake as well

ive been thinking a lot about pain tolerances lately both mental and physical pain the body is incredible but i think its interesting that the same pain over time becomes more bearable as you get used to it i dont know a lot about science but just something i have been thinking about

huge disappointment at the gym yesterday but again life goes on

i figured out who ke$ha is or whatever the hell her name is yesterday i kind of hate myself for that but glad i went this long without knowing who she is or what song she sings (if thats what you want to call it)

i love coaches interviews during the games you can tell they dont listen to what they are being asked and would just assume punch the reporter in the face and the answers are always "well we need to play better" no matter what the question is

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

no one reads or follows these i think

so started a blog not cause people read them but decided it would be a good place to put my thoughts, impressions, trends, and feelings down every once in a while

nothing like being surrounded by super smart people all day every day to make you feel not good enough but then again we are our own worst critics or something like that

song of the day week month year? O.N.E. by yeasayer just one of those songs i can not stop listening to. got it for free off yeasayer's website just one of those songs that makes things exponentially better

also been listening to ryan adams never gets old safe to say favorite of all time

jazz lakers wednesday worried about that. colby briant is supposed to play after a few days back scary thought id argue kobe greatest of all time but i wasnt around to see wilt and was too young to really appreciate jordan in his hay day (did love space jam though) and he was always beating the jazz which made me hate him and not appreciate his game lebron might go down as the greatest ever but he needs to start winning some ships

watched the movie Big Fan over the weekend thought it would be a comedy but turned out to be super dramatic turned out to be really enjoyable despite my expectations of a funny movie

super bowl: big let down in my opinion but wounds are still healing from the vikes the vikings should make their skill players carry a ball at all times during the offseason like that movie the program

law school does a good job of chewing you up and then spitting you out every day but life goes on