Wednesday, March 16, 2011


faded high by GAYNGS

the weekends are never fun unless you spin around in circles on a baseball bat
then you stumble around trying to run and you arent worried about having fun
the only worry you have is trying to get the world to stop spinning so fast
but thats the trick because the world is always spinning you just cant feel it
centrifugal force or some other bull shit physics thing (just kidding physics arent bs)
wild combination of trying to sort through theoretical spinning and physical spinning
one of these days things will stop spinning and i hope that day i am wearing a shirt

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Wanting Her Again by Ben Kweller


This is beginning to feel like... You know what I'm saying
You don't really know... But you don't say anything
Mainly cause you don't care... What is the point of analogizing
Wrap me up in analogies... Like with a blanket  or cellophane
Cellophane... Thats like stretchy plastic shit that makes you mad
How is that for analogizing... Just making points of reference
This is beginning to feel like... It is wrapped around my face