Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Don't Play No Game I Can't Win by the Beastie Boys

I am... just me but before we met
I want... to win big
I have... nightmares
I wish... everyone would wake up
I hate... haters
I fear... robots taking over the world
I hear... them say
I search... for the best time wasters
I wonder... what it would be like to not get clammy hands and if nikorette gum tastes good
I regret... leaving
I love... indie girls
I ache... most mornings
I always... dread monday
I usually... strike back
I am not... a robot
I dance... when fiddy is playing in da club
I sing... when im trying out for american idol (or whatever that show is)
I never... play no sh*t
I sometimes... feel lost
I cry... when Little Foot's mom dies
I am not always... anti-social
I lose... track of who the Kardashian's are dating
I am confused... who are the Kardashians?
I need... to understand
I should... find a reason

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baseball and editing

Song: Devil Town by Bright Eyes

With nothing to do for the next few weeks I am going to watch as many baseball games as possible and listen to every baseball podcast out there.

I REFUSE by Ryan Adams

I refuse to edit*
I am but a single life
I refuse to edit
look away
if you choose
bu these bulbs
will burn in cycles
if forever
was a single night