Friday, February 25, 2011


Too Much by Sufjan Stevens

Ironing by Ryan Adams

the heat
on the bottom
binds new things
to old
like us

strike through: no idea what this means or why you would have it as an option but here it is

Ok done striking through for now, but maybe I will use it later when I want something deleted, but I want people to know what I deleted (that would make it not deleted). Been trying to write lately has not been going well. It feels forced, contrived, and or just like shitty shitty writing. I think part of this has to do with me being hard on myself and trying to find my personal style avoiding cliche. Our lives are flooded with cliche it is hard to avoid. Sometimes when I write I think why does this matter I sound like every other immature depressed teenager that ever wrote anything down. The problem is I am 24 and supposed to be responsible and worried about getting a job and being a grown up. Maybe I am just an immature teenager got left a little behind. Sorry I do not have any kids or anything (wait what do kids have anything to do with it nothing maybe i should use the strike through???) and maybe I do not know what I believe or what I want to do... but I'm just here for now.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


SWATE by Das Racist

this internet thing is pretty swate currently watching a live ben kweller concert SWATE
school and nebraska are the opposite of swate

Brass by Ryan Adams (a poem that i think is swate)

. . . when
when the brass blows
down that crooked lane
is that when
is that when you will
you know
say my name
once more
maybe even cry
no i doubt that
. . . when

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

robot boxes

Limit to Your Love by James Blake

Straightened my hair it isn't long or anything

poem i wroted

robot boxes

stuck in a small box
built by robots
no clue how i got here
maybe its not a box
maybe it is just a small space
or a metaphor for a box
but if just a metaphor
where do the robots come in?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Zombies by the Sea by Hoquiam- Damien Jurado and his brother
THE PEOPLE"S KEY ALBUM by Bright Eyes- "I'm still angry with no reason to be"
Talamak by Toro Y Moi - chill wave glo fi chill as shit whatever you want to classify it as
Rolling in the Deep by Adele- not sure why I like this so much lots of good remixes out there of it

up late and homesick the usual i guess

My friend Austin is good at constructing poems and stuff here is one i like entitled "nighttime":

it’s late and i’m depressed. slouching in my chair, i’m skimming old issues of scientific american and trying to be interested in something when there’s a knock at the door. it’s a tall and pale but beautiful woman surrounded by an all-girls choir. i ask her what’s going on and she says that music is the balm for a broken heart then lifts her arms and begins to sing a sweet long loud but gentle note and as she does golden glitter spills down from her hair and begins to fill my room. all the girls join in harmony and one by one their chests explode and spray different shades of gold until it covers my legs my neck my head and i’m floating.